I like hearing from people.

Don't Step On That Stage Without It!

Type: Workshop

Length: 4 hours

You've been working on your speech for months, you're almost ready to go. You want this one to be really special. What your speech needs now is some polish and that little something extra to make it truly memorable. Bring your speech to this interactive speaker workshop as we work to elevate what you've prepared. We'll talk about hooking your audience from your first words, signposting, humor, dealing with interference, live coding, and how to make your speech stand apart from all the rest. Take your speaking from good to great as you learn how to compel people to action through your words. You'll have a chance to have your speech reviewed by your peers and make some last minute tune-ups to make sure you get great reviews and more speaking opportunities. Don't step on stage without attending this workshop! 

Play Like You

Type: Keynote, Inspirational, Humorous, Interactive

Length: 60-90 Minutes

Miles Davis, the American jazz musician once said: "it takes you a long time to sound like yourself."  Did you know you bring something incredibly valuable and unique when you use your voice to tell your story?  In this inspiring, interactive and hilarious session, Robby “Sap” Millsap will take you on the journey of one man finding his unique voice from engineer to stand-up comedian to published author to conference speaker.  Sound Like You will leave you refreshed, confident and inspired to go out and make a lasting impact on the world.