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Thinking about hiring Sap to speak at your next conference or event?  Here are some real reviews from recent events. Elevate your conference or event by having Sap deliver your keynote, sessions, or prepare your speakers in his speaker workshop.  Contact us today!

Excellent speaker. Nailed the content

AMAZING talk! definitely my favorite/the best i went to for the week. I really appreciate the perspective from someone who also does technical talks, and all of your tips were definitely spot on. the amount of meta was very helpful.

Fantastic session! Sap did an excellent job both speaking about techniques and modeling them as they were introduced. It was entertaining, informative, and I definitely pulled 6 or 7 things to apply...

This was life changing and made me think about myself and my social skills in a different way. Would go a second time if I could.

Very very good speaker :-) The perfect person for this talk

Gold. practical, easy to understand and right on.