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An Open Letter To Todd White

July 24, 2018

I've been interested in the psyche of faith healers since the 80's.  Truth be told, I've even been to a few healing services.  Tongues (gibberish) have been spoken in my presence (though never by me).  Miracles have been claimed (though never seen or documented).  


Yes, I'm skeptical of all who claim to possess supernatural powers.  


But recently this guy popped up on my radar.  His name is Todd White.  He has a very counter-cultural look for a pastor--long dreadlocks, vivid bandannas, and a kind of wild passion in his eyes.


He seems friendly enough.


He presents himself as a man who truly cares for people, and I think that's why he's gleaned from the masses such a large following.  I often seen quotes attributed to him shared by my friends on Facebook.


I have no idea what this means.


It all seemed fairly harmless to me.  I dismissed him as another Joel Osteen, a Tony Robbinsified form of Christianity.  Build a better you!  It's harmless, right?



Here's Where It Gets Dangerous


As I mentioned I've watched people pray fervently (in tongues) for the healing of people's ailments, even people with crippling incurable ailments like cerebral palsy.  The batting average for the success of these healings is somewhere between .000 and .000.  


But the people believed God would heal them.  There was no deceit really, it was just hope.  We hope through honest tears and prayer that God would rescue this person from what is holding them back. 


I don't have any ill will towards the true believers.  Lamentation is a perfectly acceptable response to suffering.


Here's a video of Todd White claiming to stretch people's legs through David Blaine-style street healings.  You don't need to watch the whole thing, but just know that it looks like this.


"Hey bring the cameras in closer guys.  Watch this!"


I can say with a high degree of confidence that this is no more than a carnie trick.  This is an illusion.  You can see how it's done here.  Todd White performs multiple INTENTIONAL acts of deception here.  He is not hoping for healing, he is creating the appearance of a healing.  On purpose.  After watching the explanation of how it's done watch Todd White's version again.


  • Notice his hand position on the shoes

  • Notice how he gives direction to the cameras to come in closer and focus on the other foot

  • He prays for God's healing knowing full well that he is going to manufacture a phony miracle


So when I watch this, my question to Todd White is...



...for what gain?


A Message To Todd White


Dear Mr. White,


I just watched those old YouTube videos of you performing leg lengthenings on Facebook.  You don't seem to do this on camera much anymore, am I correct?  Now, obviously you and I know this is total BS.  I just want to know your motivation for deceiving these people?  


My theory is that you are a genuine follower of Jesus who believes that by creating these viral videos the Gospel will spread.  This is also known as the Ends Justify the Means.  


There's a darker motivation here where you are lying for fame and fortune, but having never met you I won't assume the worst about you.


Do you believe Jesus manufactured his miracles?  


What if someone else came along and performed the same magic tricks but in the name of Baal?  Would it still be justified?


If this was a period in your life where you were acting out of sinful vanity, I'd like to know that you've confessed to that.  But as far as I can tell, the foundation of your fame and fortune has been built upon deception.  How in the world could that be from God?



- Sap





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